Storm Drain Ministry

The Storm Drain Ministry serves those who live in storm drains, tunnels, sewers, underground, and such places. We are angels who descend into the storm drain to bring people food, cigarettes, and cash or grocery cards, and hygiene items. We pray with them, talk with them, and make sure they are blessed before we leave. We allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to and through the tunnels.

August 20, 2021

Prayer for the Storm Drain Ministry

Sovereign Lord,

Thank you for bringing me to this place where my ministry desire to serve people who live in the storm drain is actually going to happen tomorrow. I asked for this years ago, and now you’re giving it to me and answering that prayer. God, please bless me in this endeavor, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Who is the ministry for?

Lord, I pray for myself and Dustin. For your divine protection upon our souls and bodies tomorrow. For our physical safety. That no evil thing happens to either one of us. I pray that you keep the devil behind an impenetrable wall tomorrow, and us on the other side, so impenetrable that he doesn’t even know we are there much less what we are doing. Amen.

Lord, I pray for the people you bring us to. I pray the Holy Spirit goes ahead of us and prepares the place and the people we are to meet. I pray this activity is not done in vain and that we actually accomplish what we set out to do and that the things in this prayer document actually happen. I pray that the people we meet would experience true joy, relief, and happiness at our arrival. That you would touch them and perform miracles upon them through the two of us tomorrow. And breathe in the Holy Spirit into their souls via our words and actions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Who is to receive the blessing?

Lord, I pray that Dustin and I would both receive blessing and be a blessing to those we meet. I also pray that the people we meet would receive the blessing originating from you, and that not of ourselves. For we go as your servants, Lord. We go as angels to serve today, Lord. Make it a blessing for everyone involved. Allow us to bring back an excellent report to Pastor Jeff, Scott G. + group, and Andy.

Who is to give the blessing?

Lord, we expect the blessing to come from you. But we also humbly beseech you that we ourselves would be and give blessing to the people we meet. Amen.

Who is involved in the ministry?

I pray once again that no evil befalls either one of us tomorrow. That you protect us and keep us safe. And that Jeff, Scott, and Andy are blessed by our report. Amen. Lord, we must make an impact on the souls we come into contact with. To get them to follow you. And to turn to you and find life. To bring them up. May these purposes be fulfilled and may what we are doing not be done in vain. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


What is the purpose of the ministry?

Lord, the purpose for this ministry, as I understand it by the definition I receive from you is to seek out people who live in storm drains, tunnels, and under bridges, and such places. We will go there to talk with them, pray with them, give them much-needed supplies and bless them before we leave. That is the purpose of the ministry I pray we are successful at. Amen.

What is the goal of the ministry?

Lord, I pray that we accomplish our goal. I pray that the Mission is a success and what I and Dustin are praying for to happen actually happens. That people who live in the storm drain would be blessed by God through us. Lord, We are not trying to make a name for ourselves, nor establish this as a “bonafide” ministry at the church at this time. We are testing the waters. The goal today is to get our feet wet, pray and humble ourselves, and see how it goes. Make us as angels serving you, Lord. Come Holy Spirit, Amen.


Where does the ministry take place?

Lord, you have shown us the general are we plan to go to tomorrow. Please guide us once we get there to the exact locations you would have us to go. Lord, if we should go to some other area please reveal that to us. Otherwise, go to the area you have shown us and prepare it and the people we meet for us tomorrow. That we may walk in the good works you have prepared for us tomorrow. Amen.

What places are affected by the ministry?

Lord, Let the city of Escondido, Oceanside, and all North County be affected by our works tomorrow, even to an eternal point. Let the cities be blessed, even though we do this in secret. Lord may we brighten up even one person’s life tomorrow. And it will be successful. But lo, we have enough for 5 so I am expecting more. Amen. But let the good we do tomorrow affect the whole area. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


When does the ministry happen?

Lord, at this time we have the ministry scheduled for tomorrow. We will leave it in your hands as to whether or not we do this again and when we will do it again. But Lord, please keep and bless tomorrow, Saturday, August 21, 2021. This is the first date we are doing this. May this date go down in bot our memories as something spectacular from the Lord. Amen.


Why is there a Storm Drain Ministry?

Lord, I have examined myself and my heart thoroughly. I have not found any evil, selfish, or self-gaining motives within. I do not want something. I am not seeking sin or secretly trying to hide anything from you or anyone else concerning this ministry. I pray that the ministry happens because you want it to happen. Because you want people who live in the storm drain to know that they are loved and remembered by you as well. Allow us to show that love tomorrow. And allow us to experience your love for us to a greater degree. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


How is the ministry conducted?

Lord, I ask that you would provide time for Dustin and me to pray together beforehand and that you would from there show us the way. Show us the exact things we are to do and say at the exact time. Let us follow you completely tomorrow, Lord Jesus. However, we need you to hold on to us. Please hold our hands as we venture into this new territory to seek your people. We will be inquiring of you moment by moment as you are walking along with us. There will be three, please Lord. You, myself, and Dustin. Let us accomplish this mission. Lord, keep us from evil and danger. I am praying now that no evil or bad thing happens to us tomorrow. Please acknowledge that by keeping us safe. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Storm Drain Mission contents of necessities bag

Insulated bag




Toothbrush holder


First aid kit

2 Pair socks

Pack facemasks

Pad of paper

3 Zip ties

1 Slider zip bag


Shaving cream


Hand sanitizer

Bic Lighter

Writing pen

Marking pen

$25 Stater Bros card

Lunch in brown paper bag

⅓ lb. Roast beef sandwich w/spinach, tomato, and medium cheddar and swiss cheese

Mayo & mustard on the side


2 Tangerines

Coffee cake

Chocolate Zinger

Orange Gatorade

Small towel

Plastic utensils

Bag of fresh veggies (broccoli, carrots and peas)

Envelope w/$6 cash for bus pass


Pouch tobacco

Rolling papers

August 21 –

Our mission to the storm drain was a complete success. We met six people who were grateful for the time we spent with them, the prayers we said with them, and the and victuals we gave them.

We walked along the bike path along the Escondido Creek. The first man we met was named Essac (Like Issac but with a long E). He was sitting under the bridge in the walkway next to the canal. He was a black man. He said he was threatened and made to leave his home due to racism. He was very grateful to have us pray with him.

The next person we met was Alex. He had a bicycle and first asked us if we had a torch. He needed it to do drugs with. But we didn’t have one, so we went and talked to him and told him what we were doing out there. We told him God hasn’t forgotten about these people and we’re here sent from God. I think at first he thought we were cops or trying to scam him, but when he realized what we were doing and accepted our gifts and prayers he nearly cried.

Then, around the corner from the canal in front of a building, we met Ken. Ken is a Vietnam war veteran. He only had one eye and had difficulty hearing. He was appreciative that we stopped to talk with him. And when we prayed with him and gave him the victuals he told us how much of a blessing we were to his day. He says he’s ready to go home to be with the Lord. And he looks like it, too. We prayed that he would have joy in the rest of his life and overcome, despite his pain and loss of his eye. He also had some cuts on his arm and leg, which we put on bandaids for him.

After that, we met Mike out in front of Walmart. He was eating a can of beans and we offered him a lunch and he gladly accepted it. We said a short prayer and God bless you and departed.

Jeremy was found sleeping outside a vacant building. We woke him up and introduced ourselves. And we gave him a lunch which he started to eat. We asked if we could pray with him. But he declined, so we blessed him and went around the corner and prayed for him. Then we departed.

And the last person we met was Ryan. He didn’t even look homeless. But he had been robbed and didn’t have anything. So we sat and talked with him for a little while. And gave him the bag of victuals. He said we were the kindest people he’s met in three months. And he was appreciative of what we did. He said a fellow named Alan used to come by and share the Bible with him. So please keep Alan in your prayers as well.

I don’t know when we’re going to do this again. It needs to continue to be prayed about. And I need to share the experience with a few other people before we can decide if and when we’re going to do it again. All in all, everything went excellent. The Lord answered all our prayers. There was no trouble and we were never in danger. And we blessed the people, in Jesus’ name.


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