“Eccentric Right” Candidate for President

I would run for President in 2024. I would also be willing to play Vice President if called upon. I’m a janitor by trade and I serve at a church. Please consider me. I consider my political views to be “Eccentric Right”. Here are my views:

Coal, oil, natural gas
Vote for me
Get all three!

Constitutional Amendment to protect the unborn. Abortion and feticide abolished immediately and nationally by executive order


Constitutional Amendment or executive order recognizing only two genders, male and female, which is determined at birth.
Constitutional Amendment or executive order recognizing marriage as only between a man and a woman
Promoting abstinence and chastity before marriage
Encourage population growth by discouraging contraception

Engage the use of silver and gold once again

New “Made in the USA” Campaign promotes American-made products by Americans in America using American resources

Close the border to illegal immigration and complete the border wall

Encourage prayer in schools. The argument is that if Muslim governments can mandate it, certainly the US government should allow and condone it.

Election integrity
Proof of US citizenship required to vote in every election

National Broccoli Initiative – Encourage broccoli consumption nationally

Gender Identity
There are two genders: male and female. This is determined at birth and is immutable.

Un-woke / Un-LGBTQIA+ the Military. Our military must be made up of fierce MEN and WOMEN only.

The “Let’s Arm America!” Campaign Provides Gun Education and Provision, not control
Mandatory firearms classes for school-age children about how to use and be responsible with a gun.
Government-issued firearms given to every qualifying US citizen free of charge by the US Government.

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