Mission Statement

My Mission Statement is in the form of a prayer to God.

Father God

I Worship you. 

I long to Praise you. 

I Need you desperately. 

Let me Call upon you at all times. 

Be my Parent 

Supervise my life 

May my life give Glory to you. 

Bless me with Hope 

Control my future.

You are Higher than I. Teach me your ways. 

Oversee my thoughts, words and deeds. 

Watch out for me, that no harm comes to me. 

Walk with me everyday.

Protect me under your wing, not the shadow of your wing but your actual wing.

Teach me how to Make you happy. 

Jesus Christ

Continue to give me courage to Believe 

Bless me according to my Faith 

Let me Honor you in all I do. 

Be my Friend and help me to be your friend and a friend to your people. 

Commune with me in intimacy. 

May I always Glorify you 

Heal me and bless me with your power to Heal others. 

Teach me to Love you and love your people. 

Fellowship with me and keep me company. 

Be my Light and my guide. 

Grant me your Knowledge and knowledge of you and your ways. 

Make me wise in my dealings with others. 

Holy Spirit

Increase my Faith and expand upon the faith I already have. 

Renew my life everyday. So it will be new every day. 

Rejuvenate my soul. 

Grant and teach me true Life. 

Allow me to see things from an Eternal perspective 

Reward me according to my faith. 

Breathe into my nostrils your breath. Mouth to nose! 

Clean Air inside me of the Holy Spirit. 

Continue my Freedom and allow me to use it properly for your glory. 

Maintain my Self control you have given me. Excel it. 

Allow me to continue to always Overcome. 

May I remain Repentant. 

And may I continually Obey you and your will. 


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